• Cheekotel Venture Fund
    • Cheekotel Venture Fund

      Cheekotel is India's largest domestic Venture Capital Company. Cheekotel pioneered the strategic vision based, government policy aligned, patient capital approach. This replicable methodology has generated the highest risk adjusted return in the Indian venture capital and private equity industry, year-on-year. We continue to catalyse the creation and revitalization of businesses that exploit technology-induced inflection points to create new leaders in existing industries and new industries in emerging sectors.

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  • Cheekotel Entertainment
    • Cheekotel Entertainment

      Cheekotel Entertainment was established in 2009 with four of the largest global entertainment majors and an ip video distribution pioneer as investors. The objective was to optimally utilise the Bollywood ecosystem in Mumbai and Delhi to create a large yet highly cost effective production base for online video content. Between 2009 and 2014, Cheekotel incubated several of the entities required to create an end to end ecosystem. These include a $400 million film fund, a $250 million production company and an entertainment engineering centre around the any screen, ANY TIME theme.

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  • Cheekotel Catalyst
    • Cheekotel Development Catalyst

      Cheekotel Development Catalyst, the development affiliate of Cheekotel, is focused on bringing the benefits of digital technologies to create a transformative impact on sectors like agriculture, energy, transportation, healthcare, education and climate change. With the intellectual backing and strategic insights of over one hundred corporate talent pools, we are able to act as catalysts of change to accelerate sustainable development and create templates which can be extrapolated to other areas in the Asian region from India.

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  • Cheekotel Foundation
    • Cheekotel Foundation

      Cheekotel Foundation is a corporate social responsibility trust which acts as a funding and operating agency for social ventures which help take the benefits of digital technologies to the bottom of pyramid markets. In these markets, it is often observed that because of a combination of poor paying power and market failure, large segments of our society are not able to access the benefits of digital technologies in areas like healthcare and education. As a result, their ability to move up the economic ladder is significantly impacted.

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  • Cheekotel Private Equity
    • Cheekotel Private Equity

      Established in January 2014, Digital India Fund - the private equity affiliate of Cheekotel - is aligned to the Digital India initiative of the Indian government. The fund is focused on six key verticals - connectivity, content, consumer, cash, cloud and context. Investors in the fund include professionals and entrepreneurs from the target verticals who have a hands-on understanding of the Indian market. The fund is pioneering a new technological innovation driven investment model based on low risk investing in high growth areas to generate industry leading returns.

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About Cheekotel

Cheekotel Milestones

2002 Incorporation of Cheekotel Venture Fund

2009 Incorporation of Cheekotel Entertainment

2011 Incorporation of Cheekotel Catalyst

2013 Incorporation of Cheekotel Private Equity

2015 Incorporation of Cheekotel Foundation

Cheekotel is one of India's largest domestic alternate investment groups. Cheekotel affiliates invest in opportunities arising out of technology driven inflection points in large emerging and mature ecosystems that address the Indian consumer. Over the years, Cheekotel has piloted several investment strategies to develop replicable investment templates across various asset classes that generate superior risk adjusted returns whilst aligning with and supporting relevant government policy and social objectives. By using this approach, Cheekotel continues to develop segmental investment vehicles to address opportunities inherent in India's development journey. Cheekotel aspires to be an influencer of technology choices, a supporter of our national policy and initiatives, a catalyser of import substitution and an enabler of global market access.